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The vision that has captured this church is that we would be "a house of prayer for all peoples." Come here if you want to be prayed for by name. We will pray that God will release blessings into your life, and into the lives of those you love. Come join us here if you want to connect with others who are on a spiritual journey. We don't have any prayer "experts," but we have people who are ready to try new things.

One thing we have here is called "prayer circles." People meet to share their lives and pray together. It's that simple. We have been surprised by the way these circles have brought us together, taught us how to be Christian, and encouraged us.

Westminster was first organized in 1951, holding services in a strip mall Laundromat near Indian School Road and 19th Avenue. Washing machines were rolled away to make room for Sunday School classes. The year 1952 was an important year as the church was formally chartered by the Presbytery and began meeting at Grandview school, now the site of Osborn Middle school on Highland, and began construction of the facility on 19th Avenue. Soon part of the original brick church structure was completed, and double services were being held in Fellowship Hall. The current Sanctuary was completed in 1965.

Presbyterians enjoy a rich heritage and history as part of the Reformed church tradition dating to sixteenth century French theologian John Calvin. It is characterized by the importance of lay leadership at all levels of the church. The name Presbyterian comes from the Greek word for elder, the name given to ordained lay persons charged with the leadership of the church. Presbyterians began their work in America in the late 1600's and missionaries came to present-day Arizona more that 100 years ago to convert the Native Americans and organize the settlers. Churches are located throughout the state and on most Indian reservations.

Special prayer

Let's pray this week for the 300,00 Christians who live in North Korea  the country which the World Watch List  identifies as the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian.

Next Sunday 02-24-19

Jesus said some astounding things.  Among the most astounding, even shocking, of Jesus' teachings recorded in the gospels is found in Luke 6:27-36.  Here, Jesus quite clearly is calling for us to love our enemies and pray for those who abuse us.  This flies in the face of the "Don't get mad, get even" mindset that is so common.  Is it possible to actually do what Jesus says?


Dear Lord, 

we accept your invitation

to pray without ceasing.

Hear us as we pray boldly with

expectation, believing your assurance

that we deserve to be in your presence

and to talk all we want.  We are

grateful that you welcome us

at all times and in all

places and moods. 

We thank you, in Jesus' name.


(Louis Weber) 




New class series - Our 9:00 AM adult class invites  you to join us in an in-depth study of the major biblical figure David which will begin Jan. 27.  Is David a great hero of the faith?  Or is he a scoundrel?  Or is he both?  come join us for a lively conversation on the life of David


 Thank you!  Westminster gave a total of $124.50 in our Souper Bowl of Caring offering.  All of that money will be sent to ICM Food & Clothing bank to provide food for our hungry neighbors.